Fees range from about 5 per hour on a Sunday for one of the small rooms to 470 for the whole Barn for the day. There are discounts for block bookings. For details of the fees please see the fees page


Please read our conditions of hire and our health and safety information before making a decision to hire


If you need any more details see the Facilities, Functions or Weddings pages on the website or email the booking secretary


To book the Tithe Barn for your function;

1 Agree a date, time, rooms, and fee with the booking secretary by email (preferred) or phone (07542 101 705).

2 When it is agreed with the booking secretary your booking will be pencilled into the diary.

3 Download the booking form, complete it in ink, and sign to say that you have read the conditions of hire and the health and safety notice, and post to the Tithe Barn with your deposit of either 50 or 100 (see fees page) as well as the 50 bar fee or other fees as required.

4 Payment can be made by cheque made out to 'Bishop's Cleeve Village Hall' and included with the bookings form. Or can be paid by BACS to LloydsTSB, account 'Bishop's Cleeve Village Hall', sort code 30-91-87, account number 460 809 60. Please include a reference made up of your surname and the date of your hire using 6 figure format. For example 'Smith 03/09/13'.

5 On receipt of your deposit, the booking will be confirmed. Note; The deposit will be held in our bank account. The deposit is returnable provided there has been no damage or other serious contravention of the conditions of hire.

6 The fee is then due 6 weeks before your booking. Bookings made less than six weeks before the hire must be accompanied by all charges including the deposit and other charges and the fees.


NOTE about Bookings.

Please note, if you have not agreed a date with the booking secretary before you send in a form, your booking may not be accepted. And remember that your booking is not pencilled into the diary until you have agreed a date with the booking secretary, and your booking is not confirmed until you return a signed contract with a deposit and bar and other fees where applicable.

Please note that we are not able to take bookings for the Main Hall between 30th June 2014 and 30th August 2014

NOTE about the Bar

A bar is available for an additional charge. See the fees page. Hirers should discuss their bar requirements with the licensee and not the booking secretary. Similarly hirers should discuss availability of the Barn and details of their booking with the booking secretary and not the licensee.


The bar is run by the licensee who has sole rights for the sale of alcohol, dinks and corkage for the Tithe Barn. Please discuss with the Licensee once you have discussed your booking with the Booking Secretary.  The Licensee can be contacted through our Contact Us page.


NOTE about the sale of alcohol

The Premises License requires that no alcohol can be sold after 11:30pm. The licensee is not allowed, and does not have the authority, to change this time. The premises must close at midnight; there is no exception other than New Year.

NOTE about furniture and cleaning-up

Please note that hirers are expected to leave the rooms they hire as they found them. Please ensure you leave enough time and manpower to arrange the furniture as you want it and in particular to clean and return the furniture afterwards. If the Barn is left with furniture out and the the floor un-swept the trustees may at their discretion retain part of the deposit to cover any additional expenses in cleaning up.


NOTE about facilities. The Main Hall has a sprung maple dance wood floor, is 20m by 9m and has a maximum capacity of 150 people, if people are sat to tables the maximum capacity is 120. However, if the tables are cleared away after a meal, the capacity can rise to 150 maximum. There are tables for 120 and chairs for 150, although many people hire in chairs in gold or white covers, since ours are black polypropylene. Please note we do not hire out crockery or cutlery.

NOTE about Caterers. We do not recommend caterers but we have listed some on our Caterer's Page, and many caterers in the area have done weddings at the Tithe Barn and can advise you. Please see the facilities page for details of the kitchen.

NOTE about wedding contractors Again we do not recommend decorators and chair and table suppliers and the like but we have listed some on our Weddings page, and have done weddings at the Tithe Barn and can advise you.

NOTE about the main hall floor

Accidents happen, that's life, however, if you do have a spill please could you wipe it up, after the party is over will do.

Drinks are sticky and when they dry they catch dirt which gets ground into the floor.

When you do clean please can you use PLAIN TAP WATER ONLY, do not use any detergents, they will spoil the finish. (a soft mop and a hand spay of water is available in the cupboard furthest from the kitchen in the downstairs corridor, along with brushes and a dustpan and brush)

If you do not clean up your own spills, we may have to use some of your deposit to employ a contractor to come and deal with the floor finish.

It is a beautiful sprung maple wood dance floor, and we would like to try and keep it that way. Thanks for your help, and enjoy your event to the full.


If you find any lost property would you please leave it under the desk in the Reception area. If you have lost anything, please ring the chairman to see if it has been found and when would be convenient for you to collect it. Lost property is held for three months in a box marked 'Lost Property' under the desk in recpetion.